Welcome to B&A Church!

Over the past eighteen months we have been meeting as Little Churches at the 10.30 Gathering on the Gloucester Road. It has been exciting to come together to celebrate who God is and all he is doing. It has been wonderful to see growth in friendships, faith and in numbers as people have joined us on our journey of putting church within touching distance of people’s lives.

As part of this journey we have decided to change our name. From the Parish of Bishopston & St Andrews to B&A Church. B&A Church simplifies our name, it’s easy to share and it’s not tied to any one of our buildings. Like other churches we have opted for an abbreviation (Bishopston & St Andrews) meaning that, in effect, we have created a trading name.

As we prepare to relocate our Gathering to a larger space to enable further growth we are excited by all God is doing and long to be able to invite people to join us in following Jesus as part of B&A Church.





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"Why the Virgin Birth matters @GloucesterRdRev unpacks the theology of the incarnation at the 10.30 Gathering Sunday 18/12 #Christmas"
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