Little Women

We are a group of women who are exploring faith together and supporting each other to follow Jesus in our daily lives. We provide a safe and non-judgmental environment in which to do this. Our group is particularly relevant for women whose husbands / partners aren’t involved in a Little Church – for whatever reason. Some of us have husbands of no faith, some of other faiths and some who are Christian but meet in other settings. We study together, pray together, laugh together (sometimes cry together) and eat cake together! We meet at each other’s houses every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, term time only. We also enjoy the occasional social, either with our families or just as our Little Church. We’d love to welcome you and would encourage you to join us for a ‘try out’ session. If you’d like to find out more, please do get in touch by email


Welcome! We are a community of 14 little churches spread about the city. We’re passionate about putting church in touching distance of people’s lives and leading people to Jesus. We gather together from our communities on Sunday mornings at a church on the Gloucester Road called St Michael’s. The Gloucester Road is one of the most vibrant and creative areas of the city - its also the mid-point between UWE and Bristol University. We send that now is the time to start a little church amongst students. We have leaders ready to disciple students and a method of how to disciple people which is both inviting and challenging. We plan to build a little church for students, empowering them to live an attractive life and to lead others to Jesus. Each Little Church will develop a monthly rhythm as well as an annual rhythm. For our student little church, this will involve attending FOCUS, as we are part of the wider HTB network of churches. We long to see this city changed by Jesus and we know that starts with us. So if you’re up for being changed, then come along and check us out, we meet at St Michael’s Church, 160a Gloucester Road, on Sundays at 10.30am.

FiSH (Friends into Southmead Hospital)

We’re members of South Park Little Church. We are planning on planting a Little Church that has a vision tor each our friends and neighbours and serves by blessing Southmead Hospital. If you want to find out more our would love to join the team do get in touch.
Contact: Tom & June Hampton 0117 329 1525

On This Rock

We love the rock and metal community in and around Bristol.  Especially people in the scene who may want to explore faith, but have felt unwelcome or that they ‘don’t fit’ in church.  
  • When & Where
  • Weeks 1 and 3 – at The Hatchet, Frogmore Street – normally Fridays.
  • Weeks 2 and 4 - at home(s) – Thursdays
  • If there are five weeks in the month, we get together for something social - eats, gig, prayer walk, film night, extra session at the Hatchet, whatever people fancy :)
Contact: janey at Check out our Website

Cranbrook Road

We love to reach those we know at work, home and anywhere where we connect with people outside of the church community.We have a feast of fantastic food which we all bring and share from about 6.30 in the evening. We catch up and pray for each other.

When: Wednesday 6.30pm
Where: David & Chiew Li Fraser’s home on Cranbrook Road
Contact: Colette Bewley - 0117 329 1525


We are a group of people across all ages who want to learn more about how being family together can enable us to go out and connect with our friends, colleagues and wider family to show how God is at work in our individual lives and in our community.
When: Fortnightly, Thursdays 5pm - 9pm Where: Redland & Stoke Bishop Contact: Al & Jo Masters 0117 329 1525

Kings 2

We are a group of of friends and families seeking to reach parents and families we know. We are all ages. We eat together, pray together and learn more about what it means to follow Jesus.  
When: 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from 5pm Where: 7 King’s Drive Contact: James & Nicky Stevenson 0117 329 1525

Kent Road

We’re largely working people, families and/or those who live in areas North & West of St Andrew’s Park. We’re passionate about seeing the Kingdom of God coming & encouraging one another to play our part in changing the city one life at a time. Some of us serve at the Wild Goose cafe. We meet for food, prayer, fun, bible study and sharing stories.

Where: Kent Road & other homes mostly North & West of the park.
When: Mostly Wednesdays & Fridays once a month for family fish & chips.
Contact: Simon & Rosie Satchell and Nick & Ellen Crane

Cromwell Road

Our desire is to better understand the grace of God and experience the transforming power of Jesus in our lives. We meet to read the Bible, have space to think, pray and eat CAKE! We will also meet up occasionally in the evenings for a meal and to consider ways that we can reach out to our neighbours and parish: possibly by gardening (for those who like it!)

When: Alternate Tuesdays 2pm-3pm
Where: Cromwell Road
Contact: John & Cilla Weir 0117 329 1525

The Table

The Table is a Little Church made up of people working out how our faith impacts every aspects of our lives from home & family to work and play. We have a vision to  bless our community through supporting and blessing marriages and long term relationships. We run the Marriage Course and host other events.   Our core time together involves food (hence our name). We spend time sharing a meal and chatting about life and faith. If you're interested in finding out more, we'd love to hear from you.
When: organised (monthly) and organic (!!!) Where: Different homes around Bishopston & St Andrews Contact: Wayne & Wendy Massey 0117 942 1109

GRoW (Gloucester Road West)

We are seeking where God is leading us in reaching out to, and supporting, our neighbours and those in need around us. We meet on Tuesday evenings, sometimes to study, sometimes to eat and pray, and sometimes to help at the Wild Goose cafe.
When: Tuesday Evenings Where: Fenton Road Contact: Jan and Mike Hillman 0117 329 1525

Souper Thursday

We meet for Holy Communion & a shared lunch. We encourage one other to look out to neighbours & friends who we can bless in prayer, in word or deed. We welcome all ages; our main vision is to reach older people.
When: Thursdays 12.00pm Where: St Michael’s Church Contact: Sheila Melot & Hazel Sumner 0117 329 1525
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