We pray because the world needs God and so do we. He’s listening and can be found by those who are looking. Whatever we could ask, think or imagine, God is able to do immeasurably more. So we aim to pray a lot! Everyone is welcome to all of our prayer meetings and gatherings

Prayer During Gatherings

On a regular basis we make space in our Gatherings to spend time in prayer. We pray for a range of people and situations from the local to the global and from those we know and love to those who are in need.

Daily Prayer

On Monday through Thursday we pray at St Michael’s on the Gloucester Road. Each day has a different emphasis. On Mondays we give thanks and pray for the week ahead. On Tuesday we worship God and pray for one another. On Wednesday we pray for our Little Churches and on Thursday we pray for our Sunday Gatherings.

9.15am-9.45am St Michael’s

Weekly Prayer Email

If you’d like to receive weekly prayer emails from church please click here to join our prayer email list.

24-7 Prayer

As a church we are committed to prayer and at different points during the year we have 24/7 prayer weeks where we fill a week with day and night prayer.    We’ve seen stories emerge over these weeks of how God has spoken and moved and the number of people involved in 24/7 prayer continues to grow!

We are inspired by the folk at 24/7  and the great resources they produce including this video – take a look.

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